A behind the scenes look into maintenance practices including past, present and future development plans of the Lac la Biche Golf Club.

Friday, May 06, 2011

18 In Full Swing!!

After a hectic week prepping the course, the B9 is now open. Just a few weeks ago I thought there would be no way the course would be open till mid May. Mother nature had other plans and we're all thankful because of it. The golf course is in fantastic shape and judging by the booking sheet, it'll be a good test this weekend.
To get you up to speed, today all the fairways were cut with the exception of #3 (too wet). The greens were all matted and cut and the first cut of rough got a fresh mow. Next week the pump house will be assembled and the irrigation lines will be primed on Wednesday. If the forecast holds true, we're going to need some water ASAP. Enjoy the weekend and remember to leave the course the way you found it.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

F9 Officially Opened.

After a long few days of prep, the F9 officially opened today. The rain we experienced last Thursday (April 28) made a huge difference in seeing the course green up. Yesterday we took off all the tarps on the F9. We then cut all the tees, aprons and collars, put out bunker rakes,  erected all tee and advertising signs, double cut all the greens and then cut holes to be used for the following day.
Green #6 (May 2, 2011)
This morning we finished putting out all the ball washers and tee markers and then roped off some of the wet drainage areas on the course. For the time being, carts will be permitted but MUST REMAIN ON THE CART PATHS AT ALL TIMES. Holes #1, 3, 4 & 9 are extremely wet which necessitates cart path only.

The plan for this week is to cut all the tee and green surrounds, the first cut of rough and then continue with tarp removal for the B9 greens. I'm hoping to have all 18 holes in play for Saturday. (Weather Permitting)

In terms of green conditions, we wintered very well with a few greens showing some snow mold damage. Those greens are #3, 5, 13, 18 & the putting green. These greens tend to winter a little worse then the others year after year. In the next few weeks, these greens will be core aerated, over seeded and top dressed to speed up recovery. Plugs will also be done to remove infected areas. The good news is these greens really aren't that bad but when compared to the others which are in fantastic shape, they are lacking aesthetically. Enjoy and respect the golf course and remember to give the maintenance staff the right of way. The staff is instructed to pull to the side when it's safe to do so and they will idle down their machine as you play through. HAPPY GOLFING!!