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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Course Update.

Since my last post, the crew and I have been extremely busy prepping the course as best we can for our members and guests. Here is a list of whats happened the past few weeks and short term plans for next week.

- Back 9 opened April 25th
-Front 9 opened May 1st
-All greens have been fertilized twice (Once with granular and once with liquid)
-All greens have been double verticut and are being cut 5 times a week
-Greens #4, 7 and PG have been over seeded with our new seeder
-All tees have been verticut, fertilized and are being cut 3 times a week
-The fairways have been cut twice already and are greening up nicely (Fertilizing within 2 weeks)
-This week we are tank watering greens daily (Roughly 12 greens a day)
-The pump house has been assembled and planning on priming the lines next week
-Fairway isolation valve on #14 tee and #17 tee have been replaced. 6 more to go
-Replaced back right head on PG. 12 more to go
-Changing holes (Prep) 3 times a week
-Raking bunkers 2 times a week
-Rolling greens 2 times a week
-Cutting rough and tee fronts today and tomorrow

This doesn't take into account all the raking, divot repair, limbing, installing all course supplies (tee signs, ball washers, garbage cans, sand and seed mix buckets, rakes, tee markers and advertising signs) Wet areas roped off, painting ALL CART lines, cart storage work, burning natural areas and branch pile, etc etc...Couple this with Jack and Dave prepping all the equipment and it doesn't take long to burn daylight.

As for next week, the plan is to shut down the front 9 Monday to core aerate, over seed and top dress the greens. Then the same for Tuesday for the back 9 greens. Weather permitting and barring no break downs, all 18 greens will be in play for Wednesday. I'm planning on priming the irrigation lines the same time so next week is going to be a very busy week.

Till then, enjoy the course and for more current news and conditions follow me on twitter.

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