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Friday, March 30, 2012

Ice On Greens.

#12 Green. Back left portion prone to ice and water
buildup due to topography.
(Taken March 26 / 2012)
 This past week I kept busy chipping away at low lying areas of ice on the greens. Some areas are worse then I expected with almost 75mm (3 in) of ice. The worse ice accumulation I have ever had here. Pictured are some of the worst cases. Time will tell how they look once the area dries out and I'm able to pull back the tarps. Today marks the 91st day that we received a large amount of rain and the beginning of ice on the course. If you recall from my "Wacky Winter" post (Feb 21 / 2012), bentgrass can survive ice cover from 90 - 120 days and poa roughly 60 days. We have exceeded the poa threshold and quiet possibly the bentgrass threshold as well. I will update you soon on the condition of these areas on the greens.

#12 Green. 50mm (2 in) of Ice cleaned up
and water shovelled away.
(Taken March 26 / 2012)

On a positive note, the weather has co-operated the past few days and I expect all 20 greens to be ice free by Sunday or Monday. Currently about half the greens are already clear. With warmer temps, it won't take long for the tarps to "work their magic" and break the turf from it's dormant state. Next week will be a busy one for me as I monitor green conditions and begin prepping the course for play. There is still a ton to do particularly cleaning the course of branches, burning around the dug out, #1 and 2 pond and the long area beside the driving range. The old putting green tree also needs to be bucked up and hauled away. I think Lance may also open the range either this weekend or very early next week?
#8 Green. Another low lying area prone to ice and water
accumualtion. This area had over 70mm (2.75 in) of ice.
(Taken March 30 / 2012)

#8 Green after Ice and water removed.
(Taken March 30 / 2012)

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